We at A Nesting Place are very keen about your privacy and the personal data you provide to us. The privacy policy applies when; being in contact with A Nesting Place or being close to a purchase, making a purchase or in any other way communicates with A Nesting Place.

You should always feel safe when you leave your personal data to us and we at A Nesting Place hope that this privacy policy shows how we secure that we follow the rules and regulations that apply to us in an easy and comprehensive way.


As from May 25th 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies. This law supersedes the existing Personal Data Act (PuL; Swedish acronym) and applies to all EU countries. The GDPR has been developed to protect you as a customer regarding the processing and dissemination of your personal data.

What is personal data?

Personal data is any data that can, in some way, identify you as a person. It is, for example, a name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.

Who is the data controller?

A Nesting Place has overall responsibility for your personal data and determines the purposes for the processing, collection and use of the personal data provided to us.

What do we need your personal data for?

When you choose to shop on at, you must provide some personal data to us. This is necessary in order for us to receive your order and complete the entire purchase process. Your personal data is used solely for this purpose and we don’t ask for more data than we actually need. Below is a list of the data you provide to complete your purchase and how this data is used by A Nesting Place:

First and Last Name

Used to identify you as a person who is making a purchase.



Needed to be able to deliver products to you and possibly send invoices (depending on which payment method is selected). Your address will be shared with our carrier (PostNord Logistics AB or DHL, depending on where the order is to be delivered), only for your order to be delivered to the desired address. For information about how our carriers handle your personal data, read PostNord’s privacy policy or DHL’s privacy policy.

Email Address

Is necessary for us to send you an order confirmation, as well as provide other necessary information related to your order, e.g., if the delivery is late or if any product is not available for delivery. We don’t use your email address to send advertisements, promotions, offers and the like if you have not signed up for this via the “NEWSLETTER” link on

Telephone Number

We need to collect telephone numver to inform you about your delivery status (e.g., SMS notifications). Your telephone number will be shared with our carrier (PostNord Logistics AB or DHL, depending on where the order is to be delivered), to allow the carrier to inform you of the delivery status. For information about how our carriers handle your personal data, read PostNord’s privacy policy or DHL’ privacy policy.

Purchase History

Is the basis for any complaints and returns. If you are not satisfied with your product or wish to lodge a complaint about it, we need to see your purchase history to ensure that the product has been purchased on and be able to offer you a solution to the problem.

The purchase history is also used for statistical purposes, however, without any connection to you as a customer (e.g., which products are sold at what time/period, average value of an order, etc.).

How do we store your personal data?

We only collect the above-mentioned personal data and not so-called sensitive personal data (e.g., ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, union membership, and personal data relating to health or sexual preferences).

Can I see what data is stored about me?

Yes, you are entitled to request a so-called register extract to get information about what personal data A Nesting Place has stored about you. Contact us at if you wish more information.


Can you erase me from your system?

Yes, all who are or have been customers of A Nesting Place have the right to get all their personally identifiable information removed. However, this does not apply to sales information and other trade secrets (e.g., invoices) as they are subject to accounting rules and accounting requirements and must often be stored for a longer period (usually 7 years).


Who do we transfer the personal data to?

A Nesting Place may disclose your information to third parties, such as card and communications service providers.

Third party which A Nesting Place discloses information to or otherwise provides information about a user, account holder or customer may use the information only for the purposes of selling and marketing A Nesting Place’s services and products or for the purpose of providing services related to A Nesting Place’s agreement with you as a user, account holder or customer.

Personal data may also be disclosed by A Nesting Place if it is necessary to comply with applicable legal requirements or government requirements, to safeguard A Nesting Place’s legal interests or to detect and prevent fraud and other security or technical issues.

A Nesting Place may transfer your personal data to countries outside the EU / EEA, if any of A Nesting Place’s suppliers or partners are located there. If personal data are transferred to any country outside the EU / EEA, A Nesting Place will take steps to ensure that personal data remain protected and also take the necessary steps to legally transfer personal data to non-EU / EEA countries.

We will not sell your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission.


Cookies and site statistics

Cookies are used on our site in order to improve your experience. As you navigate our site, your preferences are remembered by the temporary use of “session” cookies. Cookies let our systems gather information about your browser as well as monitor the navigational patterns while you are browsing the site. Site users have the option to accept or disable cookies through their browsers, as well as being notified when a cookie should be activated. This enables you to reject usage of this cookie, or erase the cookie at the end of your visit. If you disable your cookies or erase cookies, your user experience may be limited.

Site statistic web data is collected to monitor user trends on the site. Analytical data such as hits to our server, traffic patterns and page views shows us where our audience is coming from and how they interact with the site. This type of collected information is aggregated anonymous, and therefore does not personally identify specific site users. In addition, our site may utilize “web beacons, “pixel tags” or other tracking technologies to study the actions of our users through non-personally identifiable information. This data is aggregated and monitored to help us improve our services and the overall experience of the site.


Contact information

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the processing of your personal information or if you wish to request a registry extract. Contact us at